About Portantorchas

Portantorchas exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching and discipleship according to the Word of God so that each student grows in their knowledge and understanding of Christ as their Lord, Savior and Life.

Portantorchas in Costa Rica, is a member of Torchbearers International, an interdenominational Christian ministry. The first center, Capernwray Hall, was founded by Major W. Ian Thomas in England in 1947. The ministry has extended through Europe and the rest of the world with more than 20 centers worldwide. Each center functions as a base for evangelistic outreach, intensive short-term Bible school programs, conferences, camps and retreats.

Founded in 1991, Portantorchas is situated on 5 1⁄2 acres with colorful gardens and trees. The spacious living accommodations provide room for 30 students. This limited number creates a small family atmosphere, which leads to close fellowship and lasting friendships. The grounds are perfect for sports, picnics, and for spending quiet time with God.

Our staff

Tom Marcus

Bible School Director
United States

Roberto Rojas

Student Ministries
Costa Rica

Graciela Rodriguez

Student Life Team
Costa Rica

Sara Marcus


Jessica Chacón

Administrative Assistant
Costa Rica

Katherine Bonilla

Head Cook
Costa Rica

Marco & Janet Pérez

Founders and President
Costa Rica

John Coleman

Student Life Team

Ronald Carvajal

Costa Rica

What we believe

  • The entire Bible is the inspired revelation of God to man.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is God and a co-equal with the Father and the Holy Spirit. By Him the Father created all things.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ became man by the miraculous operation of the Holy Spirit. He was without sin.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, died willingly in the place of sinners, to become the redeemer of this fallen world, and the only Mediator through Whose atoning Blood we receive the forgiveness of sins.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead, appeared to His disciples, and returned to the Father. Now, in the Person of the Holy Spirit, He dwells in the lives of those who receive Him (His church).
  • The Holy Spirit is a co-equal member of the Trinity of God.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is returning in person to earth. By Him, God will judge the world.

Portantorchas is located approximately 15 Km from downtown San José, the capital. Because of its location in the central valley of Costa Rica, it offers all the benefits of beautiful surrounding countryside. These include the rain forest, which is only 45 minutes away, a two-hour drive to either the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea and a short trip to any nearby active volcano.

Bible School

Our Bilingual Bible School Program is a one-year school designed for students to experience the life of Christ through the study of the Word of God in a community environment while ministering to those in need in the community. Take a look through our Bible School information to find out more!

Mission Trips

Our mission trips are designed to be a unique experience in which the participants will have the opportunity for personal growth through communicating the gospel of Jesus and through sharing love in service to others.